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Rowing Crew


Investment Team

The IVEST team is composed of world-class operators who have the capabilities and connections to add value to a business as an active sponsor and owner.


IVEST is dedicated to helping innovative consumer products, licensing, and retail companies and we have the C-Suite Fortune 500 experience, knowledge, resources and relationships to drive growth and help our portfolio companies reach their expansion potential. 

The IVEST team has extensive entrepreneurial experience and has also held past executive positions at names like Warner Bros., Saks Fifth Avenue, Borders, Target, and more. 


George Jones
Founder and Managing Partner

Sam Bremner
Founder and Managing Partner

Aston Loch_edited.jpg

Aston Loch
Co-Founding Partner


Christopher Munyan


William Liaw
 Investment Associate 


Rob Gruen
Operating Partner

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-02 at 09.46_edited.jpg

Mark Matheny
Operating Partner


Ken Armstrong
 Operating Partner

Mary Drolet2_edited.jpg

Mary Drolet
Operating Partner


Jim Schneider
Operating Partner

Jim Williams_edited.jpg

Jim Williams
Operating Partner

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