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Sam Bremner
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Sam is a diligent investor who co-founded IVEST in 2013 and has originated and led investment strategy and transaction execution since inception.  


Sam's Private Equity experience began in 2000.  During that period he originated and executed 18 very successful non-auction propriety private equity investments including businesses in healthcare, industrial and consumer. 


Sam was a Managing Director of Fujitsu's Global Post Merger Consulting Group and amongst others oversaw the technology integration of the 6 Billion dollar BCTEL/Telus merger, the largest telecom merger in Canadian history during which his team achieved over $300million in annual merger synergies.


As an entrepreneurial investor using capital earned from previously successful investments, he founded Tell Canada Telecommunications Group one of Canada's first alternative phone companies and sold it to Sprint Canada for 9.5mil in 1993 during the booming long-distance market rollup occurring at the time. 

Sam completed Focused Financial Management Series: Corporate Restructuring Mergers, and Acquisitions at Harvard Business School in 2003

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