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Operationally Focused
Consumer Private Equity Investors

Investing in Innovative Consumer Businesses

IVEST Co-Founder, George Jones, a seasoned leader with a track record of success at renowned companies like Saks, Borders, Warner Bros., and Target, is now shaping the future of retail with IVEST.


Unlike traditional private equity firms, IVEST brings a fresh approach, emphasizing operational expertise and strategic management. With a career marked by brand-building excellence, George's visionary thinking has propelled companies beyond growth plateaus, a vital skill in today's complex and competitive retail landscape. 

IVEST Co-Founder, George Jones, on the future of consumer retail and private equity

Who We Are

IVEST is a leading private equity fund with a strong focus on consumer products, licensing, and retail companies. Our team is composed of world-class operators who bring extensive experience and deep connections in the industry. As active sponsors and owners, we are dedicated to adding significant value to the businesses we invest in.

At IVEST, our goal is to help innovative companies within the consumer products and licensing sector realize their full potential. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in this industry and leverage our C-Suite Fortune 500 experience, knowledge, resources, and relationships to drive growth and propel our portfolio companies to new heights.

We believe in the power of strategic partnerships and collaboration. By combining our expertise with that of exceptional management teams, we create a synergistic environment that fosters innovation and propels businesses forward. Our hands-on approach ensures that we actively contribute to the success of our portfolio companies and help them navigate through various stages of growth.


Managing over
$500mm in assets

IVEST portfolio focuses predominately on great IP and content ownership, licensed products, consumer goods,
e-commerce, and collectibles


We take a unique and disciplined
approach to investing

IVEST is dedicated to helping innovative consumer products, licensing, and retail companies and we have the C-Suite Fortune 500 experience, knowledge, resources and relationships to drive growth and help our portfolio companies reach their expansion potential

Partner with a team of entrepreneurs and
world-class operators


The IVEST team is composed of world-class operators and entrepreneurs who have the capabilities and connections to add value to a business as an active sponsor and owner

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